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 Post subject: Knee support questions?
 Post Posted: 05 Apr 2018 10:47 

Joined: 05 Apr 2018 10:03
Posts: 2
Good morning, I am new to the group.
Please can you help with 2 questions, I have been advised by my GP, that I have arthritis in both knees.
Can you advise me if I can request a referral to a orthopedic team? The Gp, gave me little info, except exercise, and Co codamol?
I am 54, and struggled for around 5 years, although it has become increasingly more painful? (My sister had a full knee replacement yesterday aged 52). I would just like to find out more about the condition and if there are any alternative treatments?

Also I have purchased various knee supports, are they ok, to use all day or will I become dependent on them, or will they make my knees worse? Any advice would be appreciated!!

 Post subject: Re: Knee support questions?
 Post Posted: 05 Apr 2018 14:39 

Joined: 01 Jan 1970 01:33
Posts: 1708
Hi lowsy54HW,

Welcome to the online community and thank you for your message.

It sounds as if it would be helpful if you could have a more in-depth talk with your GP about your arthritis. Given the length of time you have been struggling with your pain levels, and your knowledge of your sister’s experience, it is natural that you have concerns and questions. The kind of arthritis it sounds as if you have, osteoarthritis, is a very common condition and people can have very different experiences of living with it and finding out which of the ways of managing it are most helpful for them.

Regarding the Orthopaedic referral, this may be an option, depending on the severity of your arthritis and how it is affecting you. However, surgery is usually only considered after other options have been explored and found not to be sufficient in managing pain and/or mobility problems.

In the first instance, it is often more helpful to have a referral to a physiotherapist. (Your GP could refer you to one on the NHS). A physiotherapist can assess the condition of your knees and the surrounding areas and suggest some daily exercises that can an important part of managing your arthritis.

It is also important to maintain as a healthy a diet as possible, to get all the nutrients you need and maintain (or work towards) a healthy body weight.

Knee supports can be useful but it may also help to get individual advice from a physiotherapist on their use. The physiotherapist may also be able to make suggestions on which type of support to use and whether the ones you have the most suitable for you. This Q&A published on the ARUK website covers a lot of the issues involved: ... knees.aspx.

The Arthritis Care booklet, ‘Living with osteoarthritis’ gives an overview of the condition, including information on exercise and healthy eating: ... oarthritis.

If it would help to talk things over, you would be very welcome to call the helpline on 0808 800 4050 (Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 5pm).

With best wishes,

Rachael, Helpline Team

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